Node Finance joins T Challenge by Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile

Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US (NASDAQ: TMUS) welcome Node Finance to T Challenge.

The third annual T Challenge will focus on the best Public Blockchain Protocol solutions. This year, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US designed the competition to spark new innovations in five areas key to Web3 development:

● Sustainability
● Network & Infrastructure
● Media, Entertainment & Experiential
● Customer Engagement & Loyalty
● Decentralized IDs & Wallets

Partners share expertise

Open-Source Software and collaboration are the heart of Web3. So, this year, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US are partnering with leading Web3-focused companies.

We are happy to announce that Node Finance will join T Challenge. Node Finance will support participating teams with knowledge and expertise during the program to turn their ideas into compelling use cases.

Node Finance – a middleware provider making it easy for builders to integrate web3 functionality within their iOS and Android apps. Through their React Native SDK, developers can combine native-mobile and web3 functionality to do things like sign transactions using biometrics, encrypt mnemonics using a mobile phone’s secure element, send push notifications based on blockchain data, and use phone numbers as usernames for wallet addresses. SDK users also have access to an enterprise dashboard to monitor engagement throughout their ecosystem.

“Node Finance is pleased to partner with Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US for T Challenge, an initiative that is accelerating web3’s transition to mobile,” said Eric Cuellar, Co-Founder and CEO of Node Finance. “Global telcos have a wide range of infrastructure needs, and are uniquely positioned to use blockchain to provide value for their customers. As a middleware provider focused on the native mobile stack, Node Finance is excited to help telcos like Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile quickly adopt blockchain technology and explore its use cases on mobile devices.”

Participation pays off

Through T Challenge, applicants will have the opportunity to submit their ideas and use-cases that could help more than 240 million mobile customers across Europe and the U.S. in their daily lives.

After an application review period, judges will select the top 18 submissions. Once selected, these teams will have until May 7 to develop their proposals, which include development sessions hosted by Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile US, Celo and others. Participants must submit their materials by May 7 before entering the preparation period and traveling to Bonn to present their solutions to leaders of Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US.

About Node Finance

Node Finance is a middleware company that offers mobile SDKs for developers to integrate embedded web3 wallet functionalities within iOS and Android apps. Node Finance’s value proposition is to reduce the amount of time and engineers needed for companies to adopt web3 within their mobile apps. Their stack provides a suite of plug-and-play primitives for web3, including primitives for wallets (authentication), data (read), and transacting (write). They also provide a dashboard to monitor user activity and conduct compliance operations. Looking to build a mobile app that leverages web3? Start building with their APIs and SDKs today at

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