How can technologies like AR and VR boost the customer experience when shopping?

T-Challenge: T-Mobile U.S. and Deutsche Telekom are looking for your ideas.
XR Retail

I wonder if the new smartwatch will look good on me. It looked damn good on the main actor in the movie. How cool would it be if I could try it out right now! This is a situation that I’m sure many people are familiar with, either in the same or in a similar way.

The solution is offered by new technologies such as virtual reality (VR). One click and a virtual version of the watch appears in front of the customer in the room – whether in the Telekom store or in the living room at home. They can take a look at it at their leisure. They can change the color, model and provider and even try it out on their wrist.

This product experience is only possible thanks to VR. Regardless of store opening hours. Without having to make a trip to the city, when you’ve just made yourself comfortable on the sofa. 

Another click could indicate that the local retailer has the desired model in stock. A third click and the model would be reserved or purchased. This would also benefit mortar retailers, who would not have to leave the field to online providers. 

T-Challenge seeks ideas for the shopping experience 4.0 

Do you have similar ideas? Then submit them to the T-Challenge: T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom’s research and development unit, and T-Mobile U.S. are calling on creative minds around the world to submit their ideas for the use of augmented reality in stores or at customers’ homes. 

Submissions to the T-Challenge are open in two formats:

  1. In “Solution Development,” the focus is on concrete solutions (“minimum viable product”) that could be tried out by our customers in Telekom and T-Mobile stores as early as tomorrow.
  2. In “Concept and Design Creation,” concepts are sought for the future improvement of the customer experience (prototypes). 

Prize money totaling EUR 600,000 will be awarded. In addition, the winners have the chance to see their own idea exhibited in selected stores in Germany, Europe or at T-Mobile U.S. In addition, the top 10 teams from each stream will meet experts from the AR/VR field as well as Telekom’s top management at the final Demo Day in June. Travel costs to the event at Telekom’s headquarters in Bonn will be covered.

Interested applicants can register at Submissions are possible until the end of January 2022. 

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